Natural jams

Marmallate naturaliOur jams are made with fruits free from pesticides and harmful treatments, processed strictly in a natural way without adding preservatives.


YELLOW PLUM JAM AND APRICOT JAM- They are classic jams of grandmother, made with fruit freshly picked from the tree and dipped in sugar syrup.

MarmellataLimoniLEMON MARMALADE – Its fresh taste to the palate welcomes breakfast; if you want to give a special flavor to your jam tarts, you found the place for you!


Marmellata di fichi e limoniFIG AND LEMONS JAM  – Particular taste of this jam can be enjoyed for breakfast.


FRESH FIG JAM – A sweet snack or a great combination with cheeses.

DRIED FIG JAM – Suitable for cakes and homemade biscuits.

CHESTNUT JAM -Its delicate taste accompanies breakfast or snack. It also lends itself to the preparation of chestnut.

Nettare di fichiNETTARE DI FICHI – figs extract looking like honey , used flush on cheeses or like honey.