The food comes from the Earth and transformed by human culture; wine, in particular, is the most ancient drink that man possesses.
Over time we have lost tastes, flavors and aromas of the typical products due to due to forced use of pesticide treatments, systemic products and herbicides. These processes stimulated abundant production at the expense of quality; not only that, but they changed that relationship soil-plant-atmosphere that is the necessary condition for the development of a strong plant that produces healthy, balanced unique and identifiable fruit.

Ultimately, cultivation should be respectful of the ” Terroir ” (territory) of the plant and avoiding any kind of bias. So I decided to dedicate myself to my company with the intention of resuming cultivation of the species that my ancestors practiced and always in harmony with nature, in short, the focus is mainly to land and its link with the resulting products without altering the balance and respecting the memory of the landscape and the history thereof.

The main crops are shooting in company : Pisciotta’s olives, the “showwer” fig of Cilento and vines.
In particular, for the latter I believe that today it is essential to return to a culture of vine and wine without chemical adulteration to give the final product uniqueness and characteristics of the area in which the plant is brought up . Uniqueness and typicality that the nefarious policies of the former days were made to believe that they were nonsense and that the quality could be done only with a stranger variety . Hence my stubbornness to rebuild from grape varieties , some of them from a single strain found abandoned between the Mediterranean maquis.